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The top 10 issues and solutions for the Spiral Freezer

ISSUE - The spiral belt is making a jerking motion

SOLUTION - Check the belt overdrive tension ratio. It may need to be adjusted. Please consult with the manufacturer for proper calibration specifications.

ISSUE - The freezer needs to be defrosted too often

SOLUTION - Surface water will cause the coils to frost up. Check the moisture level of the product being placed in the freezer.

ISSUE- Coils are frosting up

SOLUTION - Moist air is entering the freezer due to excess opening and closing. Moisture enters and causes the coil to frost. Frost reduces heat transfer efficiency. Reduce the frequency of freezer in-feed and discharge. Remove frost/surface moisture using an air knife.

ISSUE - The evaporator coil is hard to clean

SOLUTION – Product is getting caught on the coils and plate fins and inline tubes. Replace these items with ones that have more gap space This will reduce the possibility of product getting caught on them.

ISSUE - Product is getting jammed between belt tiers.

SOLUTION – This is usually caused by feeding too much product at once and/or the product is being fed out of alignment. Therefore, adjust the feeding rate and check product alignment. Another option is to install in-feed tray guides to prevent product from being fed out of alignment.

ISSUE - The freezer is not keeping the product cold enough

SOLUTION – The freezer may need to be defrosted. Defrost the coils, check the fan and motor operation and also check whether refrigeration or air bypass baffle doors are open or may be leaking air.

ISSUE - The Spiral belt is difficult to clean

SOLUTION - Product debris is building up after many hours of operation. Consider installing a belt washer and dryer system.

ISSUE - The freezer is difficult to clean. Product debris is building up between the conveyor sheet metal and structure supports and also in difficult to reach areas.

SOLUTION - Consider installing a Clean in Place (CIP) system which has spray nozzles located strategically to reach those difficult to reach areas.

ISSUE- The drum motor overloads

SOLUTION - The belt tension may be too tight. Check whether the belt support wear strips are clean and are adjusted correctly.

ISSUE - Drive motor and gear box failure

SOLUTION – This can be taken care of with routine maintenance. Make sure the gear motor is lubricated with good quality lubricant. Check for moisture condensation in the motor and gear box. Check the alignment of the shaft coupling and that the mounting bolts are tight.

QUESTION - The freezer belt tilts

SOLUTION – Check for obstructions. Product debris may be getting jammed between the belt tiers causing the belt to lift/tilt. If this is the case, remove the jammed product, reposition the belt supports, recalibrate the belt overdrive tension. Check for possible obstructions all along the path of the belt. Check whether belt has stretched in length and replace the section.

At Advanced Equipment, we have decades of field experience to offer to our clients. We enjoy being challenged with custom engineering requests. We take pride in the durability and reliability of our spiral freezers.


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Our project manager, along with our expert engineers and designers will assist you in all phases of the production. Our project manager coordinates all communication among our teammembers. We also maintain accurate records of production times and processes. We believe in manufacturing precision freezer systems. All the spiral freezers that we make are designed to perfectly provide the intended results. We always start with the end goal in mindso our freezers are designed to meet the intended capacity.
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